About Me

I’m a versatile, resourceful, and industrious professional with 25 years experience in a wide variety of environmental roles. I possess a broad range of technical, project management, client liasion and training skills and have worked since 1988 in a mixture of consulting and industrial settings.

I enjoy learning new areas of environmental practice, mixing sales and training with technical work, and have a long history recycling degraded land. For example, the background image on this site demonstrates an estuary I personally created after recycling buried waste materials.

I enjoy working with intelligent and productive people and particularly enjoy mentoring.


  • Cooperative in relationships.
  • Adaptable and enthusiastic.
  • Thought leader with a natural ability to explain complex principles.
  • Experienced trainer and mentor.
  • Creative, but practical.
  • Excellent analytical problem solver.
  • Able to manage multidisciplinary teams and stakeholders.
  • Outcome oriented.
  • Engaging interpersonal skills.
  • Natural listener and clear communicator (oral and written).
  • Diligent, technical, fair and reasonable.
  • Loyal, committed, persistent, and patient.
  • Even tempered, professional.

The following pages provide an overview of my background and interests.