Work History

My career since January 1988 is outlined below.


Senior Environmental Advisor

IMEMS Environmental and IMEMS UAV.
March 2014 -
In early 2014 I joined IMEMS Environmental as a Senior Environmental Advisor. My role at IMEMS utilises my previous technical, compliance and chemical engineering experience. I have also been integral in the exploration of unmanned vehicle applications for industrial, engineering, and other applications. Our clients include major power generators, sugar refiners, miners, local authorities and small business. I enjoy IMEMS’ collaborative approach on projects and expanding my professional network. I’ve also enjoyed utilising my existing network of close associates to create new consulting opportunities.

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Senior Consultant

Graham A Brown & Associates.
November 2011 - January 2014
In 2011 I joined Graham A Brown & Associates (GABA) in a sales, auditing and project management role. I prepared a vast array of technical proposals for compliance services, environmental and safety management systems, and training for GABA’s numerous domestic and international clients. I also contributed my extensive professional network to broaden GABA’s available resources. I project managed many complex audits, lead environmental audits, and mentored members of staff during training course (e.g. Schneider EcoXpert Practical Energy Auditing) and EMS development. GABA is also a resource consultancy. This meant I was able to actively participate in mineral exploration and resource development projects.

My role at GABA introduced me to international consulting and helped me to polish my marketing, auditing, EMS and consulting skills. I also enhanced my training course development skills.

Home Renovations

Carrington NSW
March 2010 - November 2011
In 2010 I took a break from work and assisted my wife after the birth of our second son. This evolved into a period of home renovation.


Principal Environmental Engineer

RCA Australia Pty Ltd
June 2006 - March 2010
In 2006 I was invited to join RCA as a Principal. With another Principal I shared a staff of 10 environmental engineers and scientists within the environmental and geotechnical engineering consultancy. Building on my existing knowledge base and networks I directed many of the major contaminated land projects in our area, and managed or supervised many others, including due-diligence assessments. I also had marketing and human resources responsibilities.

As a group we punched well above our weight, having the best projects in the lower Hunter region. My role at RCA expanded my consulting, technical, reporting and management skills.

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School of Philosophy
February 2006 - November 2009
After three years of study, in 2006 I began teaching courses at the School of Philosophy. The courses taught practical methods to integrate classical wisdom into everyday life. Class size typically ranged from 10 to 30 students. The courses ran for 2.5 hrs per week over a 12 week term and additional activities were available.

Teaching the philosophy courses greatly expanded my interpersonal, listening, and course development skills.


Senior Environmental Engineer

URS Australia Pty Ltd
October 1999 - June 2006
In 1999 I was invited to work for URS in my first consulting role. Applying my skills in environmental management, contaminated sites, project management, and auditing found me both cleaning up and preventing pollution, much as I had done at BHP. The then new field of sustainability brought opportunities for resource consumption and waste reduction audits on various commercial premises from aged care facilities through hotels, joineries and technical colleges. I also forged strong relationships with Senior Principals in the business.

At URS I developed successful consulting skills and built apon my existing professional networks to broaden the resources of our local office. I also greatly expanded my environmental sampling skills.

European Working Holiday

England and Germany
June 1998 - October 1999
In 1998 I undertrook training in the USA in vintage aircraft restoration skills. After being offered work in Portugal and Germany I worked for a time in England as a mechanic rebuilding a Merlin V12 piston engine for a Spitfire Mk16. I later lived in Germany with my (now) wife where I worked for a translator proof reading Board documents for multinational corporations such as Daimler Chrysler and Deutsche Bank.


Environmental Engineer

BHP Newcastle Steelworks
January 1988 - June 1998
After considerable aptitude testing in late 1987 I was selected for a BHP engineering cadetship at Newcastle Steelworks. I thus learnt environmental, civil, and chemical engineering on the job whilst attending university part time. During this time I managed both the operation and closure of an unlined 310Ha industrial waste landfill and created 7Ha of estuarine wetland on part of it. I also became involved in the new practice of contaminated site investigation and began long term associations with many of the major contaminated redevelopment sites in the lower Hunter. I mentored many junior enviro’s at BHP and graduated from my cadetship as an Environmental Engineer in the steelworks environment department (where I had spent 80% of my BHP career).

At BHP I learnt all the fundamentals necessary for any later environmental career.