The following direct feedback was obtained from my clients, colleagues and professional associates on an ad-hoc basis in recent years, either verbally or in writing.

“Working with you is thought provoking and clarifying.” – J.M. 2014

“I have managed this business for 30 years. In that time you are the only person I have ever employed who I think could run this business.” – R.L. 2012

“I never have to explain anything to you twice… you just get it” – R.L. 2012

“You are the best communicator in the company.” – R.L. 2012

“Your technical work is amongst the best I have ever seen – J.R. Senior Counsel (environmental litigation specialist), 2008

“When my husband gets a report from you he has his PA block his calls and he makes a cuppa because he really enjoys reading your work and the practicality of your solutions”. – M.F. 2006

“You have always had a knack for being able to express things coherently.” – S.S. 2011

“Thanks for doing an excellent job.” – C.R. 2007

“I think you’ve done a great job here in pulling all this together.” – A.N. 2008

“I just got a chance to review this today and it looks like a very good summary and just what was needed to document the process we went through. Thanks” M.B. 2007

“Paul thanks for your help – you were really great today” – A.S.(Legal Counsel) 2008

“Good pickup Paul, thanks for all your efforts” – A.T & G.S. 2008

“Thanks, I appreciate your feedback and input also. It is always a pleasure to work with you.” – F.R. 2008

“It is a very good document and a credit to you.” – F.R. 2008